About Bridgett


My counseling/coaching practice is a fusion of training in several modalities of energy healing, communications, and Landmark Education programs, coupled with experience gained over many years of learning mind-body-spirit connection, incorporating philosophical concepts and a myriad of other practical tools. 

My journey deep into the world of healing has been on the highway of my own chronic health issues.  Truly, my body has been a gift of growth.  I learned about diets, food sensitivities, medications, supplements, & sleep hygiene; and the practices of allopathic, integrative, naturopathic, & holistic medicines.  

Yet with all the help I have received over the years by fantastic practitioners & doctors, I believe is that all dis-ease has roots in our mind & emotions & then affects our body & mental state.  This path gave me the passion to discover the “other” elements of healing.

I continue to study many aspects of healing, energy, the mind, philosophies, the body, & the sciences beneath these topics. I became Certified in Quantum-Touch, The Emotion Code, Heart-Centered Therapy, HeartMath Stress Resilience Program, & Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education. I am a non-denominational Minister.

My Business Consulting Services are due to my extensive background is in business management & accounting. I have managed companies in several different fields, including my own businesses. I have had hands-on experience in most facets of business operations, with emphasis on bookkeeping systems, documentation, marketing & systems management.