“I'm pickin' up good vibrations; She's giving me the excitations (oom bop bop)” (The Beach Boys)

I do energy work with people of all ages (even babies). I can also work with animals (large or small)!

I use many techniques & special exercises such as guided visualization, chakra balancing, past life regression, working with your Akashic record and talking you through the pain so you can make the discoveries (or acknowledge the lessons) and thereby release the dis-ease. Here are a few of the protocols that I follow:

Heart-Centered Therapy

Heart Centered Therapy opens a dialogue with your subconscious mind and heart through a specific protocol that follows the emotional imprint left by trauma. This method offers deep healing without having to relive it. This modality holds you in safety, love, and compassion. The heart itself will help you reach contentedness through unifying or dissolving beliefs and firmly held mental constructs that can keep you trapped in a state of pain, confusion, or isolation.

This method not only addresses the present symptoms but also accesses the original event where negative decisions and beliefs were first cemented and the trauma first created. This dialogue can dissolve the emotional component of disease, related emotional burden, and even inherited ancestral patterns that have fed the fire of severe wounding within your lineage and immediate family. This is a very gentle and respectful process but will accurately & precisely hone in on the issue and help relieve it.  

Heart Centered Therapy can be thought of as both an alternative to and an elaboration upon conventional talk therapy.


Quantum Touch

Using your pre-established intentions for results I infuse positive emotion and high vibrational frequencies to offer deep healing in areas of the body, mind & spirit that need attention. Major parts of the body like the head, neck, and spine when “out of place” or misaligned can cause negative effects that ripple through the body and can manifest in a number of ways, but with Quantum Touch treatment I can adjust and align these critical areas.

Your body’s blueprint is designed to function from an ideal state but may need help getting there. That’s where these treatments fit in. It can be effective on chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal issues, and other ailments. It can even improve athletic performance, release emotional barriers, and help in more subtle ways with regards to general fitness and a sense of well being.

These treatments are an efficient and noninvasive method of correcting issues that more conventional approaches might not have reached in the past.


The Emotion Code

Using kinesiology I can locate wells of trapped emotional energy and or emotional clusters deep within the body. When an emotion is “trapped” in this way, then every time the emotion is experiences it can cause a very palpable sense of dis-ease or physical pain which can increase in severity each time the emotion is relived. Then, by utilizing Quantum Touch I can access The Meridian System and override and release the trapped emotions from within the physical tissues. Many people also have a “Heart-Wall” which causes disparity in life. These walls or clusters are generally created in childhood as a defense mechanism. In adulthood it only serves as a blockage.

After the trapped emotions are cleared, the physical ailments associated with the emotion can begin to heal, at times it can be instantaneous. The release is permanent, though the core patterns of behavior that created these emotions can be further accessed using Heart Centered Therapy, HeartMath Tools & the Emotional Management tools to prevent & release those patterned behaviors.


Access Consciousness

Access Bars® are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to “receive”. These points contain the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations you have stored in any lifetime. This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limiting belief structures. I also use Access Clearing statements to go more deeply into the subconscious to release patterned behaviors and magnetic imprinting (through the heart’s electromagnetic field).