Power Pouches

Created by The Well Wishing Company:  each pouch is a small satin satchel with ingredients to specific intentions to promote positive energy for the user and their surroundings. 

 The ingredients will vary for the intended purpose but will include:  various healing crystals, herbs, spices, sacred oils, a message scroll, clearing statement, runes, and may have other small items.  Each bag is “finished” with a blessing and may be decorated purposefully with colored ribbons.

 Keep with you or near your bed at night. 

 “Protection Pouch” (Brown) | Promotes positive energy and protects against negative energy or influences.  Other suggested uses:  inside your car, at the corners of your home, and such.

 “Passion Pouch” (Pink) | Promotes self-love, emotional healing & creates openness to romantic love.  

 “Prosperity Pouch” (Gold) | Promotes empowerment in work, encourages all types of abundance, opens opportunity, nurtures innate talents.  May also be kept at work, safety deposit box, near home desk or office.  

 “Healing Pouch” (Blue) | Promotes healing in all aspects of mind-body-spirit-emotion, renewal, regeneration, de-aging and for those not out of balance it promotes overall well-being. 

 “Peace Pouch” (Green) | Promotes calmness, balance, and grounding; aids with recovering from emotional upheaval or imbalance.

 Once the satchel is sealed we do not recommend opening it at all.  Its strength and purpose may diminish.

  Cost: $18.00 each / $50.00 for 3 / $75.00 for 5 Can be purchased on-site or on Etsy.

Gemstone Jewelry

We have a special hand-crafted line of jewelry made from healing crystal and stone beads.  They can benefit the wearer in many ways.  The energy combination of the stones and crystals can offer clarity of thought, creativity, a sense of calmness, access to universal love, self-healing, attune to the universe and the ability to manifest wishes and goals. 

Each unique piece is made from quality materials.  There are no “fillers” beads – just 100 percent stones and crystals.  We use highest quality stranding material and sterling silver clasps.   The beads are selected within the specific design; however, they may vary in size, color, and type due to availability.  The stones should not be exposed to chlorinated or ocean water. 

The length is custom ordered by each customer. We also offer matching bracelets and earrings, a la carte.   The retail cost is $4 per inch for smaller stones & $3.50 per inch for larger stones, including all materials.  They can be wrapped around wrists or ankles if other jewelry is preferred around the neck. 

Element Series (More info coming soon)

Earth - Air - Fire - Water

Other Handmade Items

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Cloth Shopping Bags

Rice Heating Pads