Not only is Bridgett a wonderful & caring person, but she has helped me clear away years of trapped emotions. My life is calmer and happier than it’s ever been. I didn’t realize that it was possible to live such a peaceful life. KB

In all the years of working on self-improvement with counselors and on my own—I was able to accomplish more in a few short months with Bridgett than ever before. TS

Bridgett makes me feel calm & refreshed. When I come out of her room, I’m like a whole different person. SW, age 9

With your help my life has new meaning & I now know how to work though things better & let things not weigh me down. Thanks for helping me through one of the toughest parts of my life. You are amazing & I would send anyone your way. You made a difference in my life — thanks so much! Also thanks for always making me feel like I matter & never leaving my side when things got tough and staying neutral in my case. CA

Sometimes life offers no answers, no immediate conclusions as to why we are who we are. Feeling lost, stuck, or confused we are driven toward the wrong choices. The right advice is often all we need to rectify our intentions & craft a new world for ourselves & those around us. Through compassion, understanding, & specific interpersonal development, Bridgett’s intuition & extensive life experience provide a stanchion for your own advancement & inner peace. PG

I did not know what to expect from a therapist who used energy and Heart Math tools in her treatment. I am so thankful and blessed to have been put in her care. I am middle age, 56 now😊, recently divorced & was afraid of waking up to life and to my potential. I carried many scars and traumas since childhood and beyond. With each session I was able to go deeper into root causes of fears, doubts, self-worth issues etc.
I would see B for several weeks then take a break to process and grow. Her treatments were designed for me specifically and that is why she is so effective.
B asks the right questions to help you determine what to address at the right time. B is dedicated to the health and growth of your body, spirit, and soul. I am truly healed from so many traumas from this life and others and I did it with her guidance and skill. That was the greatest joy — that I realized I had the power and choice to heal. Her guidance and assistance set me on that path and I still see her when life is knocking me a bit. SB